Hi everyone, I'm Eileen. I'm an actress, writer, filmmaker, Pilates lover . . . and a mama! I live in L.A with my gorgeous son Emmett & my hunk of a husband. I think women are superheroes, and my hope with this blog is to highlight the achievements of other women who inspire me, and to remind others that while motherhood is pure magic, you don't have to give up being creative, developing yourself, or living your best life just because you have a little one. I hope this blog inspires you to foster your own brand of creativity, celebrate other bad-ass women, have a good time, take care of yourself, & live your life with Grit.

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Grit is a distinct combination of passion, resilience, determination, and focus that allows a person to maintain the discipline and optimism to persevere in their goals even in the face of discomfort, rejection, and a lack of visible progress.

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